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Bio-Well Stress and Energy Assessment

(Seriously this is so cool!!)

Bio-Well is the latest in Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV technology) and Electro-Photonic Imaging. A device for real-time health assessment, measuring stress and energy in humans, the environment and water. Bio-Well is modern day Kirilian Photography device from Russia. It measures how our bodies are managing and adapting to stress. This is a great assessment tool, giving you immediate insights to what is acutely happening in your body.

Using Electro-Photonic Imaging, it is now possible to measure the human energy field and get real time feedback on the factors that affect your energy state. This imaging modality is a non-invasive, cost effective way to provide you with a visual representation of the quality of your energy field.

The imaging process only takes a few minutes and involves ‘taking a picture’ of all ten fingertips.  The images provide you with a holistic view of your functional and energetic state at the moment of imaging.

A full report of the findings will be made available to you.   The report will provide you with images of you energy field and the size and alignment of your primary chakras.


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Bio-Well is not a medical instrument, it is not designed for medical diagnostics, it measures energy and stress of a person. In case of health concerns, please, consult your doctor.