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A Unique Approach

Michele Lundstrom is an Intuitive reader, Akashic Records Reader, Galactic Akashic Records Reader, Shamanic practitioner, Certified Advanced Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath Coach, Teacher, and Energy artist.   Michele provides intuitive readings through your higher self, guides, akashic records, and subtle energy (the chakras) to help identify and prioritize what your energy wants to bring to your awareness as well as energetic imbalances and direct channeled healing energy to the chakras.  Michele began working with individuals to support healing for over 20 years and has been connected with intuition and guides for as long as she can remember.  She is also a carrier of lightning medicine since being struck by lightning a few years ago.

I also offer individual psychic development and coaching for empaths and intuitive medical and mental health professionals 


Chakra Energy Assessments

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Intuitive Readings  Shamanic Healing
Empath Coaching


Energy Art
Lundstrom Creations

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I was on Living with Intention PodCast.  In this episode I share about my my journey as a healer, being struck by lightning, heart energy and energy art.

I was recently on Angel Talk PodCast.  In this episode "Lightening Healer" I talk about being struck by lightning and other intuitive things.

For session clips and more visit my YouTube Channel

Click here to listen

Click here to listen


UpComing Events

Presentation: Heart Brain Coherence and the Intuitive Heart June 6: 6:30 pm to 9 pm
Unity of Des Moines (414 31st Street)


Accepting applications for ICU Academy for Summer of 2024


To schedule you can view my calendar on the Booking Tab or for more information about Luminous Ignus and offerings email me!


Luminous Ignus does not claim to cure any medical conditions. If you have any concerns please consult with a licensed health care provider prior to booking.

Luminous Ignus


What does Luminous Ignus mean?

Definition of luminous


a: emitting or reflecting usually steady, or glowing light luminous objects—the nebula, the stars, the planets

b: of or relating to light or to luminous flux (measure of the perceived power of light)

2: bathed in or exposed to steady light luminous with sunlight

3: clear, enlightening

Ignus is of Latin origin and means "Fire" or "Lightning"

"Energy flows where attention goes"


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