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The initial consultation is done over email or zoom to identify what you are needing and match you up with the best package to fit your needs.  

When it is time for your assessment we can meet in person or online over Zoom.  Other options available by request.

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My chakra assessment with Michele was a wonderful experience! I thought I had a good idea already as to my areas of imbalance, but Michele provided me with new insight into areas that needed healing that I was not aware of. She took the time to break down her interpretations, provided helpful feedback, as well as intuitively confirmed areas of need as well as progress in my life. Her interpretations were thoughtful and self-affirming, and provided me with great guidance on how to heal my areas of imbalance. I will certainly be utilizing her skills in the future!

Sarah W - Des Moines, IA

One of the few people I trust with my energy.

Cynthia A – Boston, MA

I have been so stuck, and finally knowing what is happening in my Chakras has been life changing!  Gratitude to the moon and back!!!

Kenyata B - San Antonio, TX


Tammy – Des Moines, IA

My Bernese Mountain Dog, Birdie, was dying from lymphoma at age 6 when I contacted Michele for a reading.  I deeply desired to understand her energy, what she was facing, and her needs in her final months.  What I also learned was something about myself I needed to face.  Michele allowed me to see both my dog and myself in a way that has brought healing as I now sift through my grief in a comforting way.


We had faced a few hard years before her dying process as a family.  I knew there were going to be difficult words that would come with the reading and didn't realize what gifts they were to me until now.  I needed to hear the radical honesty, which later resulted in compassion for myself.   I have a sense of knowing I have forgiveness from my spirit dog, who taught me more about myself and grace in life.  My pet was more capable of mercy than most humans. Michele's ability to connect with her (and me) is a gift that is immeasurable in value as I try to understand the dying process myself.


The reading gave me time to be more intentional with my pet.  Michele gently expressed Birdie's sadness and confusion about her place in our family structure.   I already had some felt sense and understanding of this but didn’t have the words but Michele did through my dog.  Birdie experienced her last months with intention and gratitude from us.  We honored her in the way that provided her with inclusion and dignity.  We were again, in tune.


I learned to read her stress energy from Michele as well.  I will always remember holding my hands above her body that was plagued with illness, her eyes that seemed to say thank you, and I forgive you as I attuned my hands to her heart.  The frantic anxiety in her eyes would lessen.  I was again, in spirit and rhythm, with my lovely girl. 


Because we were able to be intentional and present with Birdie in the two final months of her life,  we were able to heal all of us.  I was able to care for her in the way my heart had always intended.   I was able to forgive myself for getting lost in a chaotic life that undervalued what she meant to me that led me to Michele in the first place.


In her last days, we were able to sit together and be as one.  I was able to ask for and feel her compassion, grace, and her eyes told me, "I've always loved you, I have grace for you.  Thank you." Her bear paw would always rest gently on my arm regardless of how crappy she felt telling me we were still and always one.


Michele allowed me to connect with my girl again.  With intention and love.   I appreciated Michele's core honesty and bravery, even though she knew the words being heard from my girl would likely hurt my heart.  Some of the kindest things you can tell someone are the honest truths, and they were coming from Birdie and Michele as the messenger.


Without this reading, I would still be confused and left with so many questions about her death and absorbed in my shame.  While her death always brings me pain, it is not tainted in despair because I had the experience and gift of Michele.  The reading helped all of us in immeasurable ways that bring me peace and comfort now. 


Be free, my sweet Bird.  You were loved, always cherished, and you were part of our family but in the final days, I knew you knew this again.  I know you forgive us, and Michele allowed for that space to occur.



Jill Lehmann-Bauer - Clive, IA

Michele's energy assessments are informative and fun! I didn't know what to expect for my first assessment, but Michele was able to provide me with helpful information, and her style and energy put me at ease. I would recommend Michele's chakra assessment services for anyone wanting to gain insight about themselves and where they are at in life.

Annie L – Des Moines, IA

Michele's keen ability to connect and bring her insight into the areas of your life through chakra assessment, intuitive guidance and more is unparalleled.  Her gentle energy brings a calming presence to the work while her powerful insight brings you the clarity necessary to heal and move forward!

Jenna D - Costa Mesa, CA

Michelle's skills, intuition, and keen insights really knocked me off my feet.  She helped my body find healing energy that I didn't know it lacked and provided insight I didn't realize I needed. She also gave helpful advice on how to continue the work myself. Aside from all of the new insights,  it was also amazing to have her confirm things I already knew, and provide clarity and depth to them.  I'm so grateful and highly recommend a chakra reading with Michele to anyone considering it! 

Kate M - Des Moines, IA