Intuitive Readings

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As you share about what you are struggling with Michele can bring through information from Source, Akashic Records, Collective of 12, other divine helping spirits, and Ansestors to help you navigate life's challenges.  Combining her background as a therapist with her psychic, intuitive, telepathic, and channeling abilities, makes her readings unique.

Michele tends to go deep and loves working with those who are ready to explore and heal.  She loves supporting other empaths, intuitive, and those who are waking up or wide awake to their abilities and spirituality.


Helping you figure out why you are stuck.

Finding your lost Joy.

​Cord-cutting, and finding energetic and emotional cords.

Removing energetic attachments.

Past life Interferences.

Ancestral Interferences. 

Support you in identifying what guides, ancestors, and animal guides are supporting you through your healing journey.

Emotional and energetic boundaries.

Connecting to your StarFamily.

Lightning Healing Energy (see below)

Shamanic healing (see below)

Lightning Healing Medicine 

Since being struck by lightning Michele channels a powerful healing energy from the Sky Grandmothers.  It clears energetic channels and like Reiki goes where it needs to go to remove blockages and support your body to heal itself.  

Shamanic Healing

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If you feel a little ‘lost’ in life, have gone through a big trauma or are looking for some clarity on what to do about a difficult situation, a shamanic healing session could be hugely beneficial. As a Shamanic Practioner, I will simply act as the connection between you and your guides in the other realms, and make sure your soul is protected throughout the process. Some physical sensations may be felt but it’s all in the interest of healing your soul. 

What is Shamanism?

Shamanic practitioners believe that everything - people, animals, plants, the Earth, and its minerals - has a spirit. When something happens to that spirit through trauma or life circumstances, there is soul sickness that expresses itself through the physical body and mind. Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual aspect of an illness or injury. The practitioner acts as a bridge between this world, Ordinary Reality (OR), and the spirit world of Non-Ordinary Reality (NOR) where compassionate spirits provide healing. As a witness to the healing performed by these compassionate ones, the practitioner brings through energy, communication, and strategies to further the healing of a person or animal.

Shamanism is an ancient form of energy work that helps restore the client to greater harmony and balance. After learning about where your are struggling or stuck, a variety of shamanic healing techniques may be practiced:
Soul Retrieval – One of the most common techniques to recover missing soul essence from trauma, abuse, pain, or loss. Shamanic practitioners believe that dis-ease and discomfort arise from soul loss. Clients with soul loss may experience depression, addiction, physical illness, memory gaps, or disconnection. 
Extraction – This shamanic healing technique removes misplaced or negative energy from the client’s physical body and energy field, helping them clear away unwanted energetic debris.  

When personal power is lost, energy that is not associated with the person’s/animal’s highest good called an intrusion, may be present. Intrusions can come in as negative thought processes or words from others, or sometimes sensitive persons, children, or animals try to help ones they love by taking on their excess fears and anxiety. In shamanic practice, I work with my compassionate spirits to extract that energy, move it to a neutral place where it can contribute to wellness instead of harm, and replace it with energy that is to person’s/animal’s highest good. Clients generally experience a heightened sense of well-being, more physical energy and confidence, as well as a joyful demeanor.
Agreement Unraveling – Through childhood programming, we carry unhealthy patterns and beliefs about our self and the world around us. Agreement unraveling releases the energetic charge behind these unhealthy patterns so that we can make conscious choices for our well-being.

Ancestral Healing – Unhealthy patterns of behavior are sometimes 
handed down through the family lineage. Examples of this are addiction, relationship with money, physical and mental illness, and limiting tribal beliefs. Through working in sacred space,  we can bring healing to the ancestors, the current generations, and the generations yet to come. 


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