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Chakra Energy Assessments

What needs to be in the light?


Let's talk energy!!


I love putting the puzzle pieces together and helping support people to see the bigger picture and how that is impacting the present.

My background as a licensed mental health counselor and constant curiosity has led me down a path of being a seeker of healing wisdom, I am trained as an Intuitive reader, Shamanic practitioner, Certified Advanced Chakredy® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Empath coach and taken many trainings on further developing intuitive skills.  I am also a channeler and channel in a conscious flow state.

I offer intuitive readings through your subtle energy (the chakras) to help identify and prioritize what your energy wants to bring to your awareness as well as energetic imbalances and direct channeled healing energy to the chakras.  I have been working with individuals to support healing for 15 years and has been connected with intuition and guides for as long as she can remember.  I am also a carrier of lightning medicine since being struck by lightning.

Sometimes we are not sure why our growth is stuck or what is happening in our energy.  Bringing this into the light can help us to heal.  We can also work together on healing, cutting cords, identifying blocks to healing, ancestral patterns that may be interfering, unresolved past life trauma, or energetic attachments that are no longer serving you.

I am comfortable providing readings even if you do not know what your question is.  Your energy always knows and will serve as the guide for what information will best support you.  In fact, I find it fun and mutually validating when I don't know your question.


  • Identify and clear patterns in your energy field that are no longer supporting you.

  • Intuitive Chakra Readings/Assessments

  • Chakra Balancing.

  • Assessment of the subtle energy body and putting words and concepts with what you are experiencing.

  • Cord-cutting, removing energetic attachments, identifying energy leaks, and healing ancestral and past life interferences.

  • Support you in identifying what guides, ancestors, and animal guides are supporting you through your healing journey.

  • Emotional and energetic boundaries.

  • Shamanic healing and soul retrieval.

  • Lightning Medicine Healing


I am here to support you on the healing journey to be the best version of you that you can be both online via video call and in person. 

Chakra Energy Assessments: Services
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